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Heart of England Equestrian Sport Club

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Founded 2004.

The Heart of England Equestrian Sport Club is affiliated to the Midlands Riding Clubs Association. Any further affiliations will be considered by committee.

The Sport Club is able to offer members affordable dressage training with an end result of better welfare of the equine and better safety and comfort for the rider as well as an improved performance.

The Sport Club will enter teams for many team Championships as well as rewarding individuals who do well in competitions and Championships at any venue.

There is no junior membership yet, but all ages will be treated with equality.

The horse and rider work in partnership but few exist without support from some one else, many of whom are non riders. Many others are ex-riders/owners, but who would still like to be connected with the ambience of the horse sport that gives us so much pleasure, experience and rewards. We welcome this group with a nominal membership fee of £1.

Whether you seek academic equitation or partake in pleasure, it is the aim of the Sport Club to make you welcome and to enjoy the athletic performance of the horse.

Heart of England Equestrian Sport Club has been founded as a non-profit making club purchasing services from the Heart of England Equestrian and elsewhere.

The last elected committee as follows:-

Chairman - Ann Plummer 01782 514 630

Membership Secretary - Erika Abbotts 01785 851 977

Claire Ballantyne - Achievement Points - 01782 514 630

Toni Ballantyne - Newsletter - 01889 50 50 48

Future Annual Trophies awarded to training members under Claire Ballantyne's care who have achieved their personal best at any competition.


Membership Fees 2011£12 per rider, £1 per supporter.

Latest News and Dates

.The club won the Badminton Dressage Team Championships 2004 and teams were third & forth in 2005. Another team was 2nd in the Midland Association of Riding Clubs Dressage Team Championship 2005. In 2006 the team came third, in 2007 the team came 4th. 2008/9/10 the teams came 2nd.

2011 result will be posted soon.